Medico-Legal Assessment Information

Our Approach

We are concious that intructing firms often require a fast and efficient service for their clients and we aim to provide a service which meets these needs. Appointments can normally be arranged within 2 weeks if urgent and within 1 month routinely. Reports are normally provided within two weeks of the assessment.  We aim to keep costs to a minimum without sacrificing quality. We also offer a 6 month deferment of fees. A fee estimate is always provided with our terms and conditions which is provided after the receipt of instructions or before if required. We are also happy to have an informal discussion about a case before instructions are given.

Direct instructions are very welcome but we are also registered with, and accept referrals through, Medico-Legal reporting agencies including  Premex, Doctors Chambers, MAPS and  Speed. 

Assessments are conducted in a relaxed,  quite setting and much attention is devoted to enable clients to recall experiences and events in a way which minimises anxiety or upset. Clients are consulted about who they would like present if they are 16 years of age and older. Assessments are only undertaken and the information analysed by Dr Thorley and not junior staff.

Other expert reports are helpful to have and GP and hospital records are generaly required unless we are instructed that they are unnecessary. In certain cases educational records are also helpful.

Once instructions are received we contact the client by phone to arrange a mutally convenient appointment and then confirm this in writing to the client and the instructing firm. The client can subsequently change the appointment time and date if necessary by contacting the clinic. Home visits can also be arranged anywhere in the UK or abroad. For further details of our clinic arrangements see the Clinics and Contacts section.

General Medico-Legal assessments.

These usually take 1 hours and involve a semi-structured interview together with the administration of standardised questionnares where appropriate.  The assessments usually involve a parent, parents  or carers being present for part of the interview but may involve the young person only  for those over 16 years of age if they wish.

Low Value RTA Claims

We are happy to accept low value casework using the RTA3 form and to work within the recommended rates for experts.

Neuropsychologcal Assessments

Young people up to, and including  the age of 16 years, requiring assessment for brain damage generally  require  3-4  hours  of assessment including a semi-structured interview  and standardized tests of cognitive and neuopychological functioning. Two separate appointments are usually preferable unless clients prefer a single assessment session. Usually, clients are assessed on their own to avoid distraction  and influence, however unintentional, from others.

Limited Screening Reports

Instructions for these pre-litigation scoping reports are welcome and the work involved will be variable. We are happy to provide an estimate of likley costs over the telephone if required..

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