Contacts and Clinics

Clinics at  the Spire Leicester Hospital and Holmfield Consulting rooms are operating normally with face to face assessments. Social distancing and other hygiene measure are also in place.

Remote examinations using video/internet links are a continuing service.

Remote Assessments

Medico-Legal assessments can also be undertaken at the clinic or by remote video links and these can be offered for clients anywhere in the UK.

Because psychological assessments do not require a physical examination, video links are a perfectly feasibile way of assessing clients. This is supplemented by secure, encrypted on-line questionnaire information using Pearson Clinical services.

We have sucessfully  used Zoom, FaceTime, Skype and WhatsApp depending on the preference of  clients. Because we do not need to find clinic time, appoinments can be made within a few days and at a time convenient to clients, 6 days a week. It also saves clients traveling to venues which is particularty convenient for families and is less stressful for children which can help the assessment process. 

 For therapy services fo your clients, please see our Clinical Services website for further information at

Clinic arrangements

Clinics are currently  held at the   Spire Leicester Hospital and Holmfield Consulting Rooms Leicester. This location is convenient for clients from the East and West Midlands, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, West Norfolk and Lincolnshire. 

Appointments are normally available within ftwo to four weeks of instructions. Reports are usually available within two to three weeks of final appointments. Full terms, conditions and charges are available on request. Services are provided by Psychological Health Ltd of which Dr Thorley is Director and sole provider of medico-legal services. Social distancing, sanitising measures and face mask protections are used in both clinic settings.


It is difficult to be precise about the cost of a course of therapy although after the initial assessment session, Dr Thorley would be able to provide a reasonable estimate of the number of sessions required and over what duration. An average cost would be in the range of between 580 and 870 for personal injury cases and between 3000 and 4500 for neuropsychologcal assessments

Clinic Locations

These are located at the Spire Hospital Gartree Road Oadby Leicester LE2 2FF

Clinics are currently on Saturday mornings and  Friday afternoons.

and at the Holmfield Consulting Rooms, No 1 Holmfield Court, Holmfield Road, Stoneygate LE2 1SD

Clinics are held on Wednesdays and Thursdays during after school hours and at other times by special arrangement.


Please arrange appoinments  for either location with Dr Thorley or Dr Thorley's secretary and not with the clinic directly


For further information and appointments please contact Dr Thorley's secretary, Mandy Clarke at the Spire Hospital, Leicester.

Tel: 0116 265 3670 or 01780 678558 (Dr Thorley)  Fax: 0116 265 3692 or email Mandy Clarke at  and/or Dr Thorley at

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